Students’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on HIV/AIDS Preventions at Ambo University, Ambo, Ethiopia


  • Workneh Abebe Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension, Institute of Cooperatives and Development Studies, Ambo University, Ambo, Ethiopia



HIV/AIDS, Attitude, nowledge, Practices


Human Immunode Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) are among serious health problems and obstacles of the development. Having realized the consequences, Ambo University has been involved in interventions to improve the knowledge, attitude and practices of student community; to prevent and control HIV/AIDS. This study assessed the level of students` knowledge, attitude and practices on the prevention of HIV/AIDS; and identifies the determinants of students’ knowledge, attitude and practice on the prevention of HIV/AIDS at Ambo University. Cross-sectional survey type was used for data collection using questionnaire, Focus Group Discussion, Key Informant Interview and observation; and was analyzed using descriptive statistics and econometric model. The study considered the undergraduate regular students of Ambo University as a target population of the study. Multistage stratified sampling technique was employed to include respondents in the study from different departments and class year. The findings indicated that respondents were knowledgeable and had positive attitude towards preventing HIV/AIDS, though majority were not practicing HIV prevention methods. The econometric model also revealed that class year, religion, training, PICT, interest for PICT, knowledge, condom accessibility were positively significant in influencing the adoption of HIV prevention methods. Hence, it is recommended that the University, Ambo hospital, anti HIV/AIDS clubs of the University, and the different NGOs working on HIV/AIDS prevention and control should synergistically coordinate their activities to bring the desired behavioral change on the students; and mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues in different activities of the University.




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Abebe, W. (2013). Students’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on HIV/AIDS Preventions at Ambo University, Ambo, Ethiopia. Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 1(2), 57-70.



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