Literacy Practices within Self-help Groups: A Case Study of Jeldu Functional Adult Literacy Groups


  • Kebede Soressa Department of Adult Education and Community Development, Institute of Education and Behavioral Science, Ambo University, Ambo, Ethiopia



Functional Adult Literacy, Livelihood, FAL groups


Meserete Kristos Church-Rehabilitation and Development Association (MKC-RDA) isa non-governmental organization working to enhance the livelihood of adults via forming Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) groups since 2008. This study was conducted in 2011 to assess the extent of the effectiveness of MKC-RDA’s intervention. The study was purely qualitative in nature and purposive sampling was employed to generate wider information for better understanding of the intervention. The findings of the study showed that beneficiaries were intrinsically motivated because they are the one who stated the objectives and take the action. The target group was also appropriate since they were perceived as capable and resourceful whose knowledge and experience counts most. The intervention has helped beneficiaries to build high self-esteem and develop extrovert personality which help them contribute to the betterment of their community by sharing knowledge and experience that has been acquired. Acquiring reading, writing and basic arithmetic skill is considered as the means to an end rather than an end by itself. Indeed, the intervention contributed a lot for it enabled the beneficiaries to develop positive self-concept about themselves and had helped to enhance their livelihood.




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Soressa, K. (2016). Literacy Practices within Self-help Groups: A Case Study of Jeldu Functional Adult Literacy Groups. Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 4(1), 61-71.



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