Assessment of Push and Pull Determinants for Academic Staffs’ Turnover in Ethiopian Universities: The Case of Ambo University


  • Motuma Hirpassa Department of English Language and Literature, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ambo University, P. O. Box 19, Ambo, Ethiopia



Pull-Push factors, determinants, academic staff, turnover, retention


Considering high turnover as a sign of challenge in an organization, this study was conducted to assess the determinants (Pulling and Pushing) factors for academic staffs turnover of Ambo University in 2014. The study focused on six factors; economic, managerial, environmental, social and technological, teaching related factors and student characteristics. Both primary and secondary data was utilized in the study. Primary data was through the use of attitudinal survey questionnaire, semi-structured interview, focused group discussions and secondary data by document analysis. A total of 295 (182 current and 113 former) staffs were included in the study. The multistage stratified sampling technique was used to select current staff members while former staff members were selected on the bases of available and snowball sampling techniques. The analysis employed both the quantitative and qualitative approaches. The results showed that the rate of turnover exceeds 10% in the university by 2014. Economic factor was identified as a major pulling and pushing factor, whereas environment/ location was a pull factor. However, social service, technological, managerial, student characters and teaching related factors in descending order were perceived as pushing factors for the teachers in the university. A downward review of government tax policy regime, timely provision of instructors’ performance evaluation, and improvement in the working environment will help influence instructors’ turnover decision. Moreover, further study that incorporates higher management officials and a detailed analysis of government policies as it affects Universities in Ethiopia and Ambo University in particular is suggested.




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Hirpassa, M. (2017). Assessment of Push and Pull Determinants for Academic Staffs’ Turnover in Ethiopian Universities: The Case of Ambo University. Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, 5(1), 89-106.



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